Bishop Mechanical Services, LLC commercial HVAC experts aim to help you extend the cost-efficient life of your system, lowering your overall cost of ownership while keeping your building’s occupants comfortable year-round. But we can also help your business when the time comes to replace your equipment.

Energy costs are higher than ever, and most businesses are trying to run lean these days. This makes it critical for your HVAC system to run efficiently. Getting routine service and maintenance on your system goes a long way toward extending the service life of your system. But when your best option is replacement, you can call the same company you trust for repairs and maintenance to help you choose your next system.

A new HVAC system can offer significant energy savings, essentially putting money right back into your bottom line. Of course, identifying the best replacement system for your building is no easy task. Commercial heating and cooling systems are far more complex than residential systems are, and the choice you make will have long-lasting implications for your business.

Here are just some of the HVAC system components we can help you replace:

Central heating
Boilers and furnaces

Rooftop Units

Ice Machines

Walk-In Boxes

Refrigeration Equipment
Heat pumps
Forced air systems
Filters and ventilation
Humidity controls
Evaporator or compressor coils
Cooling towers and chillers
Circulating pumps
Emergency management system
Much more

If you are an existing customer, we will likely have most of the information needed to recommend replacement components, or for a whole new system. If this is our first opportunity to serve you, we think you’ll appreciate how carefully we evaluate your current system and your heating and cooling needs before making an equipment replacement recommendation.

As always, everything we design, build, install, and service is covered by our iron-clad commitment to providing excellent customer service, keeping you comfortable year-round for years to come.

Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to access our emergency HVAC repair services. If we determine your best course of action is an HVAC equipment replacement, we will help you understand what you need, and provide you with options that will save you money in the long-run.

Whether you need to schedule an appointment for HVAC repair, need emergency HVAC repair, or know you need to replace your HVAC equipment, contact Bishop Mechanical Services, LLC. to ensure the job is done right the first time.   
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